About Aerway Leasing LLC.

Aerway Leasing, LLC  (Aerway) is an aviation leasing company based out of the midwest with offices in Illinois and Wisconsin. Aerway is a aviation leasing, asset management, and sales company. Aerway actively acquires, manages, leases, trades and tears down commercial aircraft and engines. Aerway acquires assets from various sources including Airlines (domestic & abroad), financial institutions, and leasing organizations.

Aerway’s approach to transactions primarily consists of two philosophies:

1). Value Added

2). True Metal Value

Aerway actively seeks assets that require value added improvements either through technical enhancement, lessee management, or new mission profile i.e. conversion. In connection with the value added component Aerway will seek opportunities for acquisition from a True Metal Value perspective which allows for flexibility of disposal of the asset either through sale, lease restructure or teardown of the aircraft. In parallel with the above mentioned, Aerway Leasing has established a presence within the industry that has afforded Aerway the ability to acquire assets with leases attached provided they meet the economic objectives that are established for said transaction.